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Company Plans

Company Retirement Plan Options

Building Your Culture, Your Team, and Your Future

As a business, you have several options for retirement savings. Which one is right for your company depends on your goals - for your retirement savings, for employee retention, and for tax planning strategies.

Retirement plans for businesses generally are either IRA-based (like SIMPLE IRA's and SEP's) or "qualified" (like 401(k)'s and profit-sharing plans). Qualified plans are generally more complicated and expensive to maintain because they have to comply with IRS code and ERISA requirements in order to qualify for their tax benefits.

Why Choose Great Lakes Wealth Advisors for Your Business?

When it comes to designing a retirement plan for your organization, there are hundreds of partners you could choose. At Great Lakes Wealth Advisors, I understand how overwhelming the process can be. I  am here to be your resource, helping you:

  • Plan for both the needs of your organization as well as your own retirement needs
  • Decode the many options available in the marketplace, helping you select the right strategies for your size organization, budget, and goals
  • Avoid common pitfalls in plan strategy, design, setup, and compliance
  • Provide education, resources, and support to your employees, helping them leverage this benefit to its fullest extent

Meeting Your Unique Needs

Small Business 

If you are self-employed or own a small business and you haven't established a retirement savings plan, what are you waiting for? A retirement plan can help you and your employees save for the future. I can help you set up a new retirement plan for your organization, evaluate your current plan, as well as provide education to your employees that will help improve adoption of this critical benefit. From 401K plans to Simple IRA's, I can help design a strategy that helps you recruit, retain, and build benefits in your workplace!

Which Plan is Right For You?

Mid-Size Business 

Great Lakes Wealth Advisors have plans available for medium and large businesses as well. As a leading provider of employer-sponsored retirement plans for customers corporate, healthcare, education, and government sectors. I can bring your team personalized services such as personal financial planning, retirement planning seminars, and state of the art technology to access and manage their accounts. 

Which Plan is Right For You?

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