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Individual Financial Planning & Investments

Individual Financial Planning & Investments

Different Stages of Life Require Different Financial Approaches

Building an investment strategy isn't a one-size-fits-all process. It requires careful consideration of the phase of life, individual goals, as well as a keen knowledge of the market to design a plan that meets your retirement objectives. We enjoy working with individuals and families in all walks of life, knowing that you only get to take the journey once...and it's our honor that you chose us as your partner along the way. When you meet with our advisers, we will start by assessing your needs and getting to know you - because your future depends on it.

About Financial Planning

Your financial adviser is your partner in creating and implementing an investment plan that is customized to fit your financial profile. As advisers, we engage a comprehensive financial planning process that may benefit you by: 

  • Helping you avoid pitfalls of reacting emotionally to market swings, such as buying or selling at the wrong times
  • Meeting regularly to evaluate how your family, career, and situation has changed, updating your goals, and strategies accordingly
  • Freeing up time you might spend managing your own investments
  • Providing turnkey programs, Adviser-directed options, and Third-party money manager programs

Serving You Through Three Key Phases of Life

Young Professionals and Families

Young individuals face financial challenges that are unique to their generation. From overcoming student debt to planning for the future of your family, we will help you understand what healthy financials look like regardless of your income or investable assets. Retirement may be a long ways off, and that's your biggest asset.


Individuals in the Peak Earning Years

Anyone in their 30's, 40's, and 50's can tell you one thing — each year flies past faster than the last. As you build your career, think towards the future and plan for retirement, we can help you make the most of each moment. From catch-up strategies for those who started saving later in life to diversifying your portfolio and managing risk, turn to Great Lakes Wealth Advisors .


Those Nearing or in Retirement

Retirement itself is about living a simpler life...but retirement income is anything but simple. As you near or enter retirement, we can help you understand the options for converting your retirement savings into retirement income. We'll answer your questions, help you avoid common pitfalls, and provide tax-efficient advice along the way.


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